Do you have so much you want to do but not enough time to do it in? Do you have a hard time turning off your brain when you're not at work (and feel guilty about it)?

Have you been waiting for something to change but every time you look up, another week has passed and your life still looks the same? 

Maybe you’re sick of hearing the same tapes playing over and over again in your head…

"I just don’t have enough time or energy and nothing ever works anyway."

"I really need to stop drinking so much soda/coffee/alcohol."

"One day when the time is right, then I’ll ______________."

"Is this really it?"

"If only… I can’t… I wish…"

I get it. I had the same record collection!!! And if I can turn it around, you certainly can too!! So, let’s make you a new playlist. What would it sound like??? (Mine now starts with a little Bon Jovi - - - just sayin’)


More confidence than complaining? 
More gratitude than grumbling?
 More self-love than stress?

And what if you could …

✓ Learn to overcome overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout (even the high-functioning kind where you still get stuff done but you're losing your energy and spark?

✓ Create real success - not just the kind that looks good on the outside while you're paranoid people are going to find out how messy things really are?

✓ Stop wasting your free with energy draining activities like scrolling social media, overindulging in alcohol, caffeine or junk food or even filling that Amazon cart as a means of distraction or escape from your life?

✓ Stop making the ones you love most pay for your stressful day?

✓ Knew deep down that the life you were living, aligned with the dream life you have in your mind?

Well, don’t just sit there…let’s go get it!!!  The secret to changing your life isn’t a secret…

it’s a PLAN!


You just need to learn the mindset, skillset and toolset to get you there.

Working with me is different…

It’s impossible to out-run, out-work, out-therapy, out-distract yourself from the stress, fatigue and overwhelm that have been stopping you from feeling your best.

Working with me isn’t a shortcut to living the life you see in your mind. Nor is it a one-size-fits-all solution. 

Working with me is a customized and comprehensive experience where we’ll find and address the root cause of your issues and you'll learn simple tools and practices to create the exact life you want to live.


✓ Relationships ✓ Your Time ✓ Your Money ✓ Making Decisions ✓ Solving Problems ✓Accomplishing Your Goals✓ How to Feel Better


Then, you'll learn the tools and skills necessary to create a personalized plan for your life that I will help you IMPLIMENT every step of the way.

During this program, I’ll help you learn simple skills and practices to gain control over the areas that have the greatest impact on all areas of your personal and professional life without hustling 24/7…

Manage Your Mind

Say goodbye to autopilot mode of over-emphasizing what happened yesterday, over-obsessing about tomorrow, and undervaluing the significance of what's happening today.

We’ll cut through the confusion and conflicting thoughts you have and use a simple formula that will help you see what's going on in your brain.

Awareness of what you are thinking and how those thoughts serve you (or don't) so you can get some authority over them..

It’s about addressing the root cause underneath the stressful thinking and scarcity mindset our minds are programmed with.  
And it’s about applying a simple to use formula you can use in any situation to:

  • Make decisions
  • Build meaningful relationships
  • Solve Problems:

    Along with all the support you need to make implementing what you learn achievable!

How To Feel Better

We've gotten all wrong for a long time and now, we're going to flip the script to create the story we want to be telling about our lives.

Here's the thing...we think we'll feel better once "this" thing happens, or "that" thing changes...but it never does.

A new career

Deeper relationships

A body you love and feel good in

Here's what I know...

None of that will ever happen from things outside of you. It all starts on the inside. 

You are going to learn exactly what you need to do to create the results you desire most in your life.

What You Do

You say you're going to start fresh today. You say you're going to finish that project. You say you're going to have a good attitude. You're going to start eating healthier, lose those last 10 pounds and move your body. And you really mean it when you say it but then you find yourself…

  • Struggling to focus.
  • Snapping and getting irritable for no clear reason
  • Sitting in front of an empty basket of chips and salsa and 2 margaritas 
  • Get so overwhelmed all you do is binge Netflix and scroll social media trying to escape and get some peace?

You know in your mind what you should do but you just can't seem to follow through despite your good intentions. Then you beat yourself up about it,

You are going to learn everything you need in order to overcome what you want in the moment in order to get what you want most long term.

And you're going to learn how to keep your promises to yourself.

Here's what you receive:

  • 12 On-demand classes with 24/7 access to your e-curriculum of training videos packed full of  the tools and resources you need to master your mental health.
  • 6 months of support, education and coaching focused on the 10 skills and practices of excellent mental hygiene
  • 2, 50-minute group coaching sessions per month.
  • Access to the private Facebook group where you can connect and collaborate with other dental professions on this journey.
  • Exclusive access to private coaching with Beth (at a special members only rate.)
  • Unlimited email access.
  • Earn up to 24 hours of CE.  

The question isn’t can you do it? I know 100% that you can. The question is are you ready?

I know you care deeply about your practice, your team and of course, your family. But let’s face it; everything important in your life suffers when your health prevents you from giving your best.

It’s time to take your dreams and goals  from a part-time afterthought to a full-time priority!

Let’s make it happen together!


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