Create Your Future Self

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2019
That's what we're talking about today.
Listen. If you really want to
move your life forward....
get unstuck...
stop wallowing around in overwhelm, confusion and self doubt...
find more meaning in your day-to-day life...
discover the possibilities available to you...
evolve into the next best version of yourself...
Get to know your future self. Believe in the present you as you evolve into her. Use your imagination to create her. Have a conversation with her and hear her wisdom.
She's already there in the future enjoying all the things you want to do, have and experience. She knows how it happened. She has answers.
This will lighten the load you are experiencing today.
It will inform the decisions you need to make.
The way you choose to feel.
The actions you take on your way to becoming her.
Focus on that this week. Set aside some time. Bring belief and imagination with you. Imagine what she looks like. What her day looks like. What she eats. What her schedule looks like. What she's thinking. How she's feeling.
This isn't just a bunch of woo-woo.
This is how you clean up those messy thoughts keeping you stuck.
This is how you move forward in your life and get unstuck.
This is how you create a life you freakin' love to live.

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